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Water Science & Technology Vol 63 No 1 pp 25–31 © IWA Publishing 2010 doi:10.2166/wst.2011.004

Treating municipal wastewater with the goal of resource recovery

P. M. Sutton, H. Melcer, O. J. Schraa and A. P. Togna

P.M. Sutton & Associates, Inc. 45 Bradford Lane, Enfield, NH 03748, USA E-mail: suttenv@aol.com
Brown & Caldwell, 701 Pike St., Suite 1200, Seattle, WA 98101, USA E-mail: Hmelcer@brwncald.com
Hydromantis, Environmental Software Solutions, Inc., 1 James Street South, Suite 1601, Hamilton, ON L8P 4R5, Canada E-mail: schraa@hydromantis-software.com
Envirogen Technologies Inc., 250 Phillips Blvd., Suite 255, Ewing, NJ 08618, USA E-mail: ATogna@envirogen.com


A new municipal wastewater treatment flowsheet was developed with the objectives of energy sustainability, and water and nutrient recovery. Energy is derived by shunting a large fraction of the organic carbon in the wastewater to an anaerobic digestion system. Aerobic and anaerobic membrane bioreactors play a key role in energy recovery. Phosphorus and nitrogen are removed from the wastewater and recovered through physical-chemical processes. Computer modeling and simulation results together with energy balance calculations, imply the new flowsheet will result in a dramatic reduction in energy usage at lower treatment plant capital costs in comparison to conventional methods.

Keywords: municipal wastewater treatment; resource recovery

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