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Water Science & Technology Vol 23 No 7-9 pp 1703–1712 © IWA Publishing 1991

Sewage Clarification with Magnetite Particles

N. A. Booker, D. Keir, A. J. Priestley, C. B. Ritchie, D. L. Sudarmana and M. A. Woods

CSIRO, Division of Chemicals and Polymers, Clayton, Victoria, 3168, Australia


A new approach to sewage treatment which involves rapid clarification of raw sewage with fine magnetite particles is described. The process, which is essentially a greatly accelerated chemical coagulation, provides a quick separation of the sewage into two liquid streams, one clarified, the other highly concentrated. Development of the process up to and including operation of a fully continuous pilot is outlined and potential advantages and disadvantages identified.

Keywords: Sewage; clarification, adsorption, coagulation, magnetite; magnetic flocculation, regeneration, sludge treatment.

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