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Water Practice & Technology © IWA Publishing 2006  |  doi10.2166/wpt.2006.002

The DayWater decision support approach to the selection of sustainable drainage systems

J. B. Ellis1, J.-C. Deutsch2 , M. Legret3, C. Martin3, D. M. Revitt1,
L. Scholes1, H.Seiker4 and U. Zimmerman4

1Urban Pollution Research Centre, Middlesex University, Queensway, London, EN3 4SA, UK
2CEREVE, ENPC, 6-8 Ave. Blaise Pascal, 77455, Marne-la-Valle, Cedex 02, Paris, France 3LCPC, Division Eau, Route de Bouaye, BP 4129, 44341 Bouguenais Cedex, Nantes, France
4 Ingenieurgesellschaft Prof.Dr.Seiker mbH, IPS, Rennbahnallee, D 15366, Dahlwitz-Hoppegarten, Germany


The decision-making process for the selection of Best Management Practice (BMP) systems for stormwater runoff management involves a variety of stakeholders within public and private sectors holding differing powers and opinions regarding the significance they attribute to differing criteria. The paper describes a web-based multi-criteria analysis (MCA) approach being developed within the EU 5th Framework DayWater project (www.daywater.org) to support stakeholder negotiation and the development of mutually acceptable sustainable solutions to the problem of control and treatment of urban surface water drainage. The MCA matrix methodology is outlined and some of the advantages and limitations of the procedure and its application are discussed.

Keywords: Decision support; Sustainable urban drainage; BMP source control; Multi-criteria analysis (MCA)

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