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Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology—AQUA Vol 56 No 5 pp 345–355 © IWA Publishing 2007 doi:10.2166/aqua.2007.069

Measuring particles in drinking water transportation systems with particle counters

J. Q. J. C. Verberk, J. H. G. Vreeburg, J. C. van Dijk, K. J. O'Halloran and L. A. Hamilton

Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Sanitary Engineering Department, PO Box 5048, 2600, GA, Delft, The Netherlands Tel.: +31152781585; Fax: +31152784918. j.q.j.c.verberk@tudelft.nl
Centre for Aquatic Processes and Pollution, Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus, PMB 50 Gold Coast Mail Centre, Queensland, 9726, Australia


Particles within distribution systems can deposit and resuspend causing problems with discolouration of drinking water. In two Amsterdam drinking water distribution networks the use of particle counters to monitor the particle quantity is investigated. Particle counters were found to be far superior to turbidimeters, as the greater amount of qualitative and quantitative data obtained by particle counters allowed determination of particle size distributions and residence times. Although the treatment processes of the two systems studied were fairly comparable, a large difference in particle size and number of particles in the two systems was found. Particle counters have proven to be a valuable tool in understanding processes in a distribution system.

Keywords: drinking water; online monitoring; particles; particle counting; transportation system

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